SRHolder is a unique bracket for hanging a shower curtain rod that can wrap around the edge of a shower enclosure and be secured to drywall for superior ease and convenience.

Shower Rod Bracket

Detailed Description & Features

SRHolder is an easy-to-install shower curtain rod holder that ensures the rod remains intact even with downward weight and pressure. This innovative product is a flat, horizontal bracket that holds a shower curtain rod, made from clear hard plastic. This bracket can be secured to drywall with two screws, and can extend to the side of tile or fiberglass shower enclosures. Spacers of varying thicknesses can be used to fill the gap between the wall and the bracket. On the portion of the bracket that extends over the enclosure is a half-moon cradle on which a shower rod can rest. In use, two mirror-image brackets are used for each application. They can be used to hang shower curtains in any tub or shower environment without the need to drill through the tile or fiberglass.

Purpose & Benefits

  • Provides a safe and convenient way to hang a shower curtain rod.

  • Attaches to drywall with screws and extends over a shower enclosure to prevent damage.

  • Includes a half-moon cradle in which a rod can rest.

  • Replaces cumbersome tension rods that can fall or easily be pulled down.

  • Saves time and frustration hanging shower curtains.