SRHolder is a unique bracket for hanging a shower curtain rod that can wrap around

the edge of a shower enclosure and be secured to drywall for superior ease and convenience.

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shower rod holder

"On the Floor No More"

SRHolder....Holding Up the Weight!

Now available at S.F. Travis Hardware in Cocoa Village, Florida

Problems Solved

Many people use a tension rod to a hang a shower curtain in their bathroom.  Unfortunately, these rods can be cumbersome to hang and can easily fall when the shower curtain is accidentally pulled or from the weight of heavy, wet towels.  Some people may install permanent shower curtain rods in their bathroom, but this may require them to drill holes into their tile or fiberglass, which can be destructive and may require professional assistance.

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“My shower rod kept slipping and falling down.  The only fix involved drilling holes into my beautiful marble walls.  Enter the SRHolder - problem solved!  Ordering two more.” #HappyHomeOwner

Paula - Florida

“I am surprised that this device was not invented sooner.  I had searched everywhere for something like this and was glad my friend told me about the SR Holder.  It was very easy to install and my wife is happy that the shower curtain stays in place.”  Thank you!

Joe - North Carolina

“This shower rod holder is fantastic! Every time I pull the shower curtain closed and don't have to deal with the overlap of the tension bar, I'm thrilled.  The shower rod has not fallen since we found this design.  I wish it had been available many years ago!”

Brenda - Tenneessee